Saturday, 30 May 2015

Friday 29th May 2015

The debate when we saw the rain was whether to go home today or hope that the forecast of a better afternoon was true. We decided to wait until 1pm and then decide. By that time the rain had ceased and we took the short trip to Mottisfont.

On a better day this might have been a more enjoyable visit. It wasn't a disaster by any means but we have visited more impressive buildings.

An Abbey was founded at Mottisfont in 1201. When King Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of the monasteries the building passed to Sir William Sandys who rebuilt the abbey as a country house, but left the main nave in tact and built extra wings around it.

The house as it stands now was the work of Maud Russell who took over in 1934 and established a sanctuary for all manner of artists. Ian Fleming also stayed at the house whilst he was working on his new hero, who was to become Bond - James Bond.

We came back to Tudor Cottage and enjoed a last ramble around the town centre. Romsey is bigger than first impressions suggest but our location made everything ready to hand.

We decided to eat out tonight and the Three Tuns was just at the end of the road, so that is where we went. This is a lively pub restaurant. What we didn't expect was the quality of the food. This was as good a meal that I have eaten out in a very long time.


Extensive gardens and beautiful roses

Tudor Cottage

Mythology says that all true blue blooded virgins lose their virginity to a unicorn, but they are very, very rare these days. You don't see many unicorns either.

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