Sunday, 24 May 2015

Saturday 23rd May 2015

There was no rush. The 140 mile journey would take well under three hours and we couldn't get into our cottage until 3pm, so, leave early and go and have a look at the Bull Inn at Fairford.

Pauline packed and I took more data to the studio. I loaded the car and we were off at 11am. Plenty of time!

I was pleased when the satnav told me to take the A429. This is a lovely straight Roman road that cleaves through the middle of the gorgeous Cotswolds. A mile short of Moreton in the Marsh the Sunday drivers were out in force - on a Saturday! The drive the short distance to Stow in the Wold took an hour so I cut left at the first opportunity and found empty roads all the way to Fairford, through the lovely Burtord.

We decided the place wasn't up to expectations, so we'll look for somewhere else to stage Reunion.

There was still 72 miles to go down to Romney and the drive was a delight. The A30 is the straightest non-motorway road I've been on in Britain.

We were 15 minutes late getting to Tudor Cottage, which proved to be just the ticket. A large stream runs parallel with the road opposite the cottage and all through the town. Tudor Cottage is an oak beamed house that was built in 1523. Under the floor is a Roman rough tiles floor dating back 2000 years.

All of the rooms are of generous proportions, albeit with low ceilings. The floors are so warped that if you drop a penny it won't stop rolling until it's in the next room.

Helen and the girls joined us around 4pm and Dave arrived an hour later. Everyone declared themselves happy with our choice of accommodation for the next week. The girls played in the large garden for a couple of hours, Pauline cooked a great lasagne, we opened a bottle or so of wine and closed the day just chatting.

Tudor Cottage

You should take life with a grain of salt. Then add a slice of lemon and a glass of tequila.

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