Sunday, 31 May 2015

Saturday 30th May 2015

The irony was that this was the brightest morning of the week though, paradoxically, not the warmest. We woke early, broke fast, loaded the car and made the house tidy. We exchanged keys at 9.30 and left to drive home.

This being a holiday week Saturday, it was inevitable that vital motorway exits would be completely shut. Whatever, we found a way round all obstacles and were home before 1pm. I went to the studio and determined how much hadn't been done. Lichfield had! That left Gwent, Stevenage and Scotland for Monday.

I subjected myself to the heartache that was Aston Villa against Arsenal. It was interesting that there weren't distractive TV programmes after the Cup Final, so an early night and a good book was in order.
Prepared? I don't think so

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