Monday, 25 May 2015

Sunday 24th May 2015

We decided that today would be another one of winding down. Dave could only be with us for one full day and so we stuck together. A good breakfast and then a walk around the centre and market place in Romsey.

After a while we ended up at Romsey Abbey. A religious presence has been on this site since 907AD but work on the Abbey really started 100 years or so later. The building grew and was finally completed in 1240.

It wasn't always loved and it no doubt looks better inside than out. We noted grooves in the wall all around the outside and decided there had been some kind of skirting or outbuilding. When I Googled information I found a picture of the Abbey with that outer building in place. It is known that visitors were complaining 300 years ago about neglect and on that basis we are lucky it is still in place.

Back at the cottage we settled down for a game of Qwirkle, an extended rest and another great roast dinner.

Dave & Jessica

Romsey Abbey

i phones are getting slimmer and smarter. People, on the other hand.....

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