Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday 31st May 2015

It was wet. I left at 8am and drove up to Chester for my swan song appearance at the MD105BS Cabinet Meeting,  some 30 years after my first appearance. There was drizzle all the way and occasional bursts of rain. I saw the blue Escort as it passed me on the motorway. I was on cruise control at 72mph. I didn't see the Police Car. Neither did the Escort driver till the blue lights flashed. In the next mile there were two more cars pulled over, by unmarked police cars. Thank you cruise control.

I enjoyed this last Cabinet. There was some lively and different discussion regarding 2017, the 100th year of Lionism worldwide. It was also a chance to say goodbye to some people I likely won't run into again, or only at Convention.

The journey home was lovely. The sun shone all the way and the countryside at this time of year is gorgeous. The trees are lusciously green (some still have blossoms) and the hedgerows are stuffed with wild flowers. I drove down the A51, for old time's sake.

Pauline had spent most of the day with Rita but she wanted to get back so she could enjoy a glass of wine and Britain's Got Talent.

We Serve!

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