Friday, 29 May 2015

Thursday 28th May 2015

It was quiet. We woke early and eased into the day. This wasn't going to be one of hyper activity.

We live as far from the sea in Britain as it is possible to be so whenever we are within hailing distance of the briny, Pauline is restless until we see it. So I said we would go down to the coast, which is only 15 miles away if all you want is salt water.

We drove down through Lyndhurst and this must be one of the hardest places in Britain to pass through. The queues start from well outside the town, no matter from which direction you approach.

Eventually we got to Milford on Sea and stopped for a walk along the low cliff top. The Isle of Wight is surprisingly close and it took a few attempts before I could persuade Pauline that the lighthouse we could see was The Needles (so called because if you got those lined up right you could thread your way through The Solent).

After a while we eased our way back through the New Forest, soaking in the scenery and enjoying the free roaming ponies. Then it was find a sheltered spot in the sunshine and read our books.

New Forest ponies
Milford on Sea

The Needles

I had planned a roast vegetables dish tonight but Pauline said the Arborio rice needed using up, soI bought marinaded scallops and shrimps, sautéed in some mushrooms and we had yet another risotto, albeit quite different from any other I've cooked to date.

I bought myself a universal remote control. I thought, "This changes everything."

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