Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Helen said that they would be leaving after dinner. She needs a day at home to prepare for a weekend camping, and the girls don't surface at the crack of dawn.

We gave options for today's entertainment and the girls wanted the New Forest Wildlife Centre, so off we went.

This is a place that keeps on giving. The further into the complex you go the more you see, much of it unexpected. One teenage girl was pushing another in a wheel chair. As they stopped momentarily a deer walked up and laid its head in her lap. That was a magical moment for the young lady, and everyone who witnessed it.

The reserve spreads out under the canopy of New Forest trees. Most of the animals have generous space to roam and strut, though we would have liked to see signs that the owls are sometimes let out to fly.

There was a lovely atmosphere throughout the park. Feeding times were well advertised and guides were around to give information, and there were also a couple of well stocked recreation areas for the younger kids, plus picnic areas. All in all an enjoyable excursion.

Back at the cottage, Helen cooked our meal and then it was time for their return to High Wycombe. The meal was lovely but they were on their way at 7.30 and rabg to say they were safely home at 9pm.

The cottage felt quiet and empty.


Jess with a new friend


Unidentified interloper

How come when you dial a wrong number it's never engaged?

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