Tuesday, 29 December 2015

a bit of effort - Tuesday 29th December 2015

Another big storm is on its way, so I got back out in the garden. The brown bin was nearly full and there's still a third to do, but that was enough for one day. More flowers saw daylight, including primula and wallflower, and the robin has changed his winter song to that of springtime. The woodpigeon are courting, even though their nest is now in full view.

Pauline managed a bit of food shopping, not without some discomfort but with more confidence than for seven weeks.  We bought provisions for Rita and took it round, plus three meals that Pauline had cooked up and put on one side. She needs building up again.

This afternoon we relaxed again, and I did another of the stamp albums. You can get quite absorbed. If I can find the time there will still be a lot of hours to get the collection completely right and evaluated, but I seem to be finding that time.

Our plan is to change our morning habits, get up earlier, work hard all morning and then have our afternoons to our leisure. We are, after all, officially retired.


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