Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A full diary - Tuesday 15th December 2015

I'm supposed to be winding down, but it isn't happening. Still, with 14 degrees in mid December I may as well mow the lawn.

I went for Caterina Page at 9.30 and took her up to Morrison's. Caterina is totally blind and is the greatest advocate you could find. She charms everyone and is full of fun. It was her birthday Saturday. We think she is 88. If she is, I hope I'm as compos mentis if I ever get that far. Morrisons's presented us with a cheque for £5000, which was very gratefully received, but I don't remember applying to them, so it was doubly welcome.

This afternoon was the monthly meeting of the Staffordshire Neurological Alliance. There were seven of us there and I thought the meeting was purposeful and the SNA seem to be making genuine headway. My only problem was when would I be able to do the minutes?

Tonight was the Christmas Dinner for the St Chad Rotary Club of Lichfield at the George. We were on a table with Keith & Janet Eagland, Robert Yardley (photographer), Maureen Humphries plus Peter Fox and a friend whose name I never got.

The meal was good, the company was very enjoyable and the entertainment was a bit dated. Keith was happy but Peter was very much turned off. No matter, the Rotary gave him £250 which he immediately passed over to me for the Talking News.

Peter in festive mode. Nice bib

Spent tonight in the company of Lichfield's top photographer. I knew him 30 years ago and taught him all I know. Then he ditched all that and learned how to do it properly.


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