Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve - Thursday 24th December 2015

I had readied myself to accept we would be spending Christmas alone when Pauline got out of bed, went downstairs and put the kettle on. It was 6am. We had the tea and she said we would be going to Hove Actually. The question was, when should we leave?

We should have gone yesterday and the news had been full of nightmare journeys and 5 hours spent in car parks. So we decided to make an early start and hope to get there in the daylight. There was just room in the car for us (never seen so many presents) and we were on the road at 8.06am.

It was the easiest run we have ever known, despite rain and driving cross winds as tropical storm Eva battered away. We were knocking on the door at 11am.

This afternoon we went to St Andrews church for the Crib Service. The church was packed. A full house of doting parents and dozens of children all in nativity or fancy dress. The service was lovely and full of fun. There was improvisation when one of the younger children went off for a cuddle with Baby Jesus, and some fast thinking when the other children responded and we finished with two babies in the crib.

A lovely ham, egg and chips dinner, a visit from a friendly and interesting neighbour, an hour sorting stockings after the boys had gone to bed. That was enough.

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