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Dunstall - Saturday 19th December 2015

My diary

Hopefully the last big day of the year. No chance today but I was hopeful that the next three days would see the workload on my desk diminish.

First there was the house to see to. Our house is very clean by many standards but Pauline normally sees to that and I have been swamped this week. So today I got the vacuum out and did a proper job. This unseasonal weather has brought dust up from the Sahara and it gets everywhere.

Rita rang to say she had forgotten milk and a couple of other food products so as soon as everywhere was gleaming again I went and did that little bit for her. Meanwhile Pauline was trying her foot out again. She kept it up until her face went white and I made her stop.

This afternoon I was on duty with Barton under Needwood Lions, selling raffle tickets at the Berkeley Garden Centre. Business was five times brisker than at Wyevale. Maybe it was the novelty factor but people seemed keen to stop for a chat, and we relieved them of a pound whilst they did that.

Back home, Pauline had tried to start dinner but had sensibly left it for me. Chicken breasts and roast sweet potatoes. Very nice, but we were both very tired and had an early night.

My meanderings

I have lived in Lichfield for over 40 years, but had never had cause to pass through the hamlet of Dunstall, just to the north of Barton under Needwood. Today I was hemmed in by roadworks and decided to try to avoid them by taking a lane I had never even noticed before. It took me to Dunstall and the first thing that struck me was how lovely and different the church is.

Perhaps in the summer I will go back and explore more thoroughly and take better pictures, but I did what I could today.

The population of Dunstall is under 100. The church was consecrated in 1853, having been built by the Arkwright family. There is a striking stained glass window and the stone floor was replaced by oak blocks. Although relatively new in church terms in Britain, the church is nevertheless rregarded as being of historical interest and value and there are constant efforts to keep the church alive, achieved in part by importing some of the congregation.

St Mary's Dunstall

Last Christmas I was gifted Tony Blackburn's Compendium of Witticisms. The pages were blank. He's still trying but the pages are still blank.

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