Friday, 4 December 2015

Eskdale - Thursday 3rd December 2015

My diary

I haven't been much use to Pauline this week. She is going stir crazy and the only day I could have taken her out I ended up at Heartlands with Nick. The weather is being really nasty (albeit warm) so I can't just put her in the wheelchair and push her round the estate.

I started on the Stevenage TN as quickly as I could and hadn't finished it when Graham and Sandra came for an hour or so. Luckily there was no Live at Home Scheme for me this week so I was able to finish it after lunch.

It was grim when I got to the studio at 5.30pm but the mood lightened as a full house of helpers turned up. Wilf was first, followed by Keith and between us we finished Gwent, Stevenage and Scotland before the Lichfield readers arrived. Ben was there, which helps me a lot, and only Peter Fox was missing, having succumbed to a booze cruise to the Spanish sunshine. Outrageous but understandable.

We finished just before 10pm and found rain as heavy as I've known for a good many years. The only time I can remember when it was worse than this was a typhoon in Hong Kong!

My Meanderings
Eskdale is a walker's dream. A long, verdant valley leading from the coastline right up to the Scafell Pike region. Britain's mountains may be small by some standards but that doesn't mean they can't be dangerous. In a country that is becoming increasingly packed to the seams in some regions, there are great swathes of wild open places, especially in Cumbria.

Eskdale hosts just two villages but is a Mecca for the determined walker. It is unusual in Cumbria in that it doesn't have a lake to circumnavigate. There are over 50 bodies of water in Cumbria but only 16 of them are considered to be lakes. Of those, only Bassenthwaite has lake in its name. All the others are waters, tarns or meres.

Hopefully we will get back to the Lake District in the next two years. I may no longer be up to climbing Scafell Pike (though it isn't hard by most standards) but there are still a lot of places to explore.

Scafell Pike

So why am I in so much trouble just for doing the hokey kokey? OK, it was a funeral but I ask you......

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