Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy Christmas - Friday 25th December 2015

A beautiful day all day.

We got up with two excited little boys and watched them open their stockings. There was a sumptuous breakfast of the Brighton version of eggs Benedict, then the adults opened their stockings.

Rob, Sheri, Daisy and Harper arrived at 12.30 and Helen, Dave, Jessica and Megan were with us by 1pm. Ian arrived just before Christmas dinner was ready. We all sat down to a gorgeous meal. Meat and 5 vegetables is recommended. The turkey was perfect and there was roast potatoes, sprouts, sweet potatoes, cabbage, swede, parsnips and at least two I've forgotten.

This afternoon the kids had their main presents. Ian left as the youngest four were being shepherded off to bed, and then it was time for the remaining eight to get their presents. Jessica, now towering over everybody except Dave and Rob, plus Megan who can be a church mouse, were happily included. It took till 10.30pm, by which time people wanted cheese in abundance!

There doesn't have to be presents, just everybody together as harmoniously as this day.


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