Monday, 14 December 2015

Happy unbirthday - Sunday 13th December 2015

We heard the boys downstairs so I went down to see what they were up to. They had fed Tilly the cat and Jackson the dog and made tea and were about to carry cups up two flights of stairs to Grandma and me. Plus a chocolate biscuit each.

We had a pleasant morning with very few issues. The sun was trying hard to break through and the wind was actually warm so I took both boys down to the nearby park to let off some steam. That was over too quickly so we diverted to a different park, where I found a hebe in flower, in mid December!

is this right?

Dan and Gary got back late morning and our stint was over. The afternoon was gentle and then they had to visit friends for an hour, so I took Pauline down to Marks & Spencer's in Shoreham, because she craves shops. We also had a pleasant hour or so.

Back home, Dan cooked a meal and then they piped in a birthday cake. I didn't mind in the least especially when I got presents. D&G bought me a warm, enveloping dressing gown, but Pauline had picked the one thing that I really wanted - a new bread maker. So long the cardboard that the big stores sell as gluten free.

too much heat?

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