Monday, 28 December 2015

Home - Sunday 27th December 2015

With excited little boys around, the house comes alive quickly enough. We all assembled for a last breakfast together and then the exodus got underway. Helen & Dave led the charge with Rob and Sheri a little behind them. We stayed another hour.

Rita had spent Christmas with Ged and Margaret and had suffered somewhat with her hiatus hernia, so our intention was to stay on the M42 when we got that far and go up to Orton on the Hill. Well, that was the intention.

Helen gave us a stream of traffic reports, particularly about the M25 car park. We set off at 11.30. The M23 was OK until just before Gatwick, and from then on it was nightmare time. The warning on the M25 was that the next four junctions would take an hour, so we went across country. Up the M40 and it looked as though we had done something clever, until we got to the Oxford turn off.

So, the return journey took six hours and we didn't go to Orton.

What we did see, however, was swathes of daffodils and even trees in blossom. Please confirm the date.

This close to New Year?

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