Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hove Actually - Friday 11th December 2015

The sun was shining in Lichfield. I got a suitcase down for Pauline to pack (she's still on one leg but is hopping with more experience) and I took four sacks to the Sorting Office, a load of rubbish to the tip and then filled the tank.

At 11.30 we set off on the 200 mile journey down to Hove Actually. We hadn't gone far when the rain set in and at one stage we were driving through a cloud. We stopped off at High Wycombe for a coffee with Helen.

The M25 bit was not the normal nightmare, except for some excitement when a car with Polish plates started weaving across the motorway at high speed. A big SUV came out of nowhere and stuck to his bumper. We nearly got side swiped but got a friendly wave from the pursuers, who had Police stamped all over them.

Down in Hove for 4pm for a friendly greeting from Roan, Reece and Jackson the Labrador. Our purpose is to look after the boys (and Jackson) whilst Dan and Gary go and party with everyone from Ramsac. Can't blame them for going. Can't wait for them to come back.

Actually, it's a treat to get quality tome with the boys. Keeping them focused is the trick. There'll be no time for meandering until we get back home, that's for sure.

There's not enough of the real thing?

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