Thursday, 3 December 2015

Kendal & Carlisle - Wednesday 2nd December 2015

My diary

I did some paperwork first thing and then collected all the returns. Pauline was starting to feel quite down because of the enforced inactivity, but also because Rita can't come to terms with it. Fortunately Gill came to see Pauline for a couple of hours which meant I could process the returns without abandoning Pauline.

This afternoon I downloaded all the Welsh and Scottish news and took everything to the studio. I got a few ingredients for tonight's meal and then said I would sit and keep Pauline company. We picked a Nicole Kidman film to watch, got to the climax and 17000 houses in Lichfield were plunged into complete blackout, apparently from a fire at a relay station.

My Meanderings

I paid no attention to Kendal the first time I went there. I'd never heard of the place and my head was full of what I would find at Ullswater. Once at the Outward Bound School I heard the name Kendal a lot, because no one was allowed out unless they had Kendal mint cake in their rucksack. I don't know if it's still the same but no one went anywhere near a mountain unless accompanied by this seeming life saver (including to the top of Mount Everest).

 Fifteen years later I went back with Pauline and children that would have been too young to remember. Kendal was very much a market town in the 1970s and its main charm was around the bridge over the River Kent, which is an interesting river as it passes through the town, looking up at defunct mills that are now tidy dwellings.


Kendal is quite close to Lichfield in size and both places are on the tourist map. Kendal had its castle whilst Lichfield had its walled cathedral. There were several castles close by, all of which failed to make it to the present day. The mills produced woollen goods, especially in Kendal green.

Carlisle was a far distant place in my youth, famous really as the last stop for eloping young couples before crossing the border to get married in the local blacksmith's shop in Gretna Green. That was all still going on when I made my first trip to Scotland and made the obligatory stop off. 

Going back and taking a more leisurely look. There was, of course, a castle and over its 900 year history it played a few important roles, even holding Mary Queen of Scots for a while. Now managed by English Heritage, it needs some work to bring it up to the standards of some other northern castles.

Carlisle Castle

What global warming? It's no hotter now than it was in August.

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