Saturday, 26 December 2015

More food - Saturday 26th December 2015

Everybody was still full from yesterday, so those that could were sent for a walk. We went down to the sea, leaving the energetic ones at the skate park whilst some of us walked along the promenade.We have been coming down to Brighton regularly for 14 years and this was the roughest we have seen the sea.


a weather front

I brought the wrong lens down for my camera and so was left with just a pocket model that serves but rarely delivers. I couldn't capture the weather, but there was a weather front right above us and I tried to depict it.

At 1.30pm we went up the road to the Stoneham pub on the Portland Road. Whilst not exactly spit and sawdust the first impression was of a basic establishment, but the welcome was excellent, the service from the young lady behind the bar was exemplary and the food was unexpectedly good. The gammon, egg and marmite chips was the best pub meal I've enjoyed for a long time.

The afternoon was about the children, and a few adults sorting out anything electrical. There was another long, leisurely meal and a series of games intended to make the eldest one there seem thick, so I duly obliged.

This has been our best family Christmas ever, and there's been some good ones.

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