Sunday, 20 December 2015

Orton on the Hill - Sunday 20th December 2015

My diary

So today was going to be a day off and the unofficial start of Christmas. The early indication was that the high of 17 degrees might be broken. There was a blue sky, few clouds and no wind. Sue called for Pauline, then for Rita and took them both to church.

 I decided to walk to the shops to get flowers, which was the signal for change. The temperature dropped to 8 and the rain came down.

 An hour later we were driving through sunshine to Orton on the Hill and dinner with Ged & Margaret, plus John and Lesley. We exchanged belated birthday presents, then pre Christmas presents, enjoyed one of Margaret's fabled dinners and caught up on the past year. Despite being only 16 miles away, we don't get together all hat often.

This was a very pleasant day.

May's meanderings

We knew Orton on the Hill long before Ged and Margaret found it. Our first house, some 44 years ago, was at Dordon which, together with Polesworth, is down the hill to the west. I used to go to the Unicorn pub once a week with John Richards from work and we would play dominoes until the shooting range was free. This was the only pub I ever heard of where you could take a 22 rifle and blast away 100 rounds, and still enjoy a pint!

 Ged and Margaret moved around a bit at first after they were married but eventually settled in Orton and the quaint church of St Edith of Polesworth was the venue for the christening of both Emma and Amy, plus Louise and Neil married there just a couple of years ago.

 Orton is a hamlet that sits high above the spot where four counties join. Two of the fields on the approach from Austrey are as big as any you will find in the Midlands and will provide me with some great photos when I can get around to it.

The place was there before the Norman Conquest and features in the Domesday Book. It never developed, possibly because the Romans had built the Watling Street just a few miles to the south and traffic never strayed that far.

The church boasts a triple decker pulpit, the only one I've ever come across. The interior looks older than it really is, mainly because it has never been updated.

St Edith's

how the other half live

I'd written a note in my diary to remind me to do something, then couldn't find my diary. When I did the note said "Keep your diary with you to remind you of things to do - like not losing your diary." It must be my age.

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