Wednesday, 16 December 2015

over loaded - Wednesday 16th December 2015

I got up early and started on the minutes from the SNA meeting. I paid a supplier to the Talking News and then processed seven new listeners. That took me to lunchtime, and then another new one came in. I downloaded all the news for tonight for Scotland and Wales and we had lunch.

Pauline was desperate to try Aldi so that's where we went after lunch, buying enough food to see us through to Christmas. Then it was the Sorting Office where there were five sacks waiting for me. It took all afternoon to process the returns and then I took all the news to the studio for Peter O'Brien. I thought he would be there at 5pm. I waited until 5.20 but then had a few more short errands to run. When I got back Pauline had cooked the dinner, for the first time in five weeks.

I made a start on the minutes from Monday's Lion's meeting but hardly got past the opening salvo. Heaven knows how I'm going to fit it all in, or when I can get to my meanderings, or using my bread machine, or start my Photoshop course, or.........

I'm trying to say I'm busy.

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