Saturday, 19 December 2015

RHS Garden Harlow Carr - Friday 18th December 2015

My diary

Some good news at last. I got us both up and ready, took 5 sacks of recordings to the Sorting Office (the Talking News grows by the day) and then drove us both over to Queens Hospital at Burton upon Trent. The doctor declared that Pauline's fracture is now mended and that she needs to learn to walk again. He warned it might be painful at first because her muscles in her left leg have not been used for 6 weeks. He was right!

On the way back we called in on Rita, helped her pack for her Christmas break with Ged and Margaret, and then brought her back for lunch and dinner. I did some shopping for her, only forgetting one thing, and then finished this week's minutes. I sent the SNA minutes out, composed those for the Lions and finally got that job out of the way.

Then it was time for dinner. I gave the ladies a gin and tonic each to keep them quiet and then cooked a long laboured risotto, because I can. I also baked my first loaf of bread in my new machine and was well pleased with the result. It might not look pretty but it tasted ten times better than store bought gluten free cardboard.

it's a start

My meanderings

I was helping out at Saga Radio for a few years in my spare time and one of the venues they sent me to was the RHS Garden Harlow Carr. This proved to be a delight and I can only wish it was a tad closer to Lichfield because this is one of those places where you want to visit season by season, because it will always be different. We worked hard over the weekend that I was there but I did find a little time to dash around and take in some of the sights. One day, when we are rich, famous and retired, I will go back for a leisurely look.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr

And the doctor said to Pauline, "Cast out thy crutches, release thy bonds and let John get back to his proper life." - or words to that effect.

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