Thursday, 24 December 2015

Richmond - Wednesday 23rd December 2015

My diary

The plan was to shop for salad for Boxing Day, pop in and see Rita and then head south through the melee that is holiday traffic in present day Britain. Except Pauline was quite unwell, enough to warrant talking to the doctor and being prescribed steroids and antibiotics.

So I packaged three media players for yet more new listeners, tried foods that Pauline could keep down, and as unusually inactive for a Wednesday, except for wrapping the biggest present ever.

I did book a weekend in Harrogate for the end of February so that Pauline can get a taste of the place herself, and I can do a proper job of exploration.

My meanderings

Richmond is another lovely place to visit, is also on the edge of the Dales, and has also been Britain's town of the year, and not that long ago. Richmond was created by the Norman conquerors back in 1071 and the new inhabitants immediately set about building a castle. Completed in 1086, much of it is still standing, especially the keep, but there are large gaps in the walls. Though mostly ruins, it is still a popular tourist attraction.


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