Friday, 18 December 2015

Skipton - Thursday 17th December 2015

My diary

This was a normal Thursday, without some of the help.

I was supposed to go to a meeting in Stoke on Trent, but that eats up three hours that I hadn't got because I'd been unable to get that far ahead. So instead I did the recording of the Stevenage Talking News, and that took me to mid day.

The Live at Home Scheme had an early start this week because local school children were going to sing carols, plus Tesco was there to hand out goodies. In between taking and fetching them I took some shopping round to Rita.

I got to the studio a little after 5.30 and got on with the Gwent TN. I added the magazines and finished that off, but Peter O'Brien and his team had forgotten the Scottish News, and as I didn't know, it was much too late.

Wilf came on time but Keith was off in Stafford escorting his lady on official Chairman of the County Council business.  Fortunately Ben came to process Lichfield. David was missing because he is getting over treatment and Peter Fox didn't make it for the first time that I can remember (when not on holiday).

My meanderings

We went to Skipton a few times because Pauline's Uncle Ged lived there. He was a retired priest and a lovely man. Skipton suited him. The town is listed in the Domesday Book, and that was compiled in 1086.

Skipton is beautifully placed to allow access to the North Yorkshire Dales. It is also a kind of crossroads for those heading for Liverpool or the Lake District. Being over 1000 years in standing it had the obligatory castle. This is in surprisingly good shape for a building well over 900 years old. The same can't be said for the mills that were once handling all the local corn, although they still exist, but as housing.

Skipton became an important market town. That importance has now been overshadowed by the tourist industry and this pretty town attracts a lot of holiday makers. A busy canal that splits in two mid town helps, as does the fact that local stone is still used on most buildings, and that has ensured a historical feel to the place.


Skipton Castle

Please take note: Million to one shots come off all the time. There is no recorded instance of a 999,999 to one shot winning. Just trying to save you money.

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