Friday, 11 December 2015

Thursday 10th December 2015

Only three or more big days before Christmas, but this was the biggest, though it doesn't look that much when written down.

I got breakfast and downloaded the rest of the magazines. I recorded the Stevenage Talking News whilst Lisa coiffed all and sundry, myself included. I made lunch and then took Rita to Tesco's.

I collected Alan and took him to the Live at Home Scheme, dropped a repeat prescription off at the surgery for Pauline, took collecting buckets to John Whitehouse, went into town and bought Pauline's main present, found Rita at Tesco, helped her finish her shopping, took her home, collected the Lichfield Metcury and cut it up for tonight, took Alan back home, cooked dinner, got to the studio for 5.30pm.

Wilf joined me at 6.15 and Keith was not far behind. We had a full team of readers, Ben was there, Peter arrived as the reading was finished, we filled four full sacks and all went home.

Pauline said "Did you remember to water the hanging basket?"

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