Friday, 4 December 2015

Windermere & Beatrix Potter - Friday 4th December 2015

My diary

Early sunshine, but puddles everywhere. Such a lot to do but at least Pauline would be getting out of the house. I started by cleaning windows and then took the recordings to the Post Office. Kath came to take Pauline to the little cinema at Barton Marina to watch The Lady in the Van. I went into town and bought a Christmas present, then some veg for later.

Back home I cleaned downstairs and then seven boxes of media players arrived. I got started on them straight away. It took nearly three hours but I packaged and addressed fourteen of them, leaving the rest till tomorrow because Pauline came home. I'd put a casserole into play, and that turned out to be just right.

My Meanderings

Windermere is one of the most popular spots in the Lake District. If you want solitude and quietude then roam through the valleys and mountains, but if you want a genuine holiday atmosphere away from the seaside, Windermere will provide. We went the several times, both as a family and on a Lion's reunion.

The lake has a lot to offer with some busy quaysides and gentle boat rides. The town (and others around the edge of the lake) is bustling with shops and refreshment houses abounding. Windermere itself is pretty. The local stone features heavily in the construction of the houses, but so does timber. The land rises quite steeply in places and it isn't difficult to find a pub with a patio that provides the perfect vista.


Bowness on Windermere is just as lively and has the feel of a seafront stop off, especially as many of the boats call in there. But the main attraction to many is the World of Beatrix Potter. Even as an adult I found this a great venue, but better still if you have well read children with you because this is the tale of Peter Rabbit in 3D.

Peter Rabbit

 When I was young I was very impressed when my sister got a fur coat for being good. It was quite a few years before I realised what she was good at.

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