Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Winding down - Monday 28th December 2015

It had been 15 degrees yesterday and looked to be on track for the same today, so I resolved to take advantage. We have three large alder trees in the front and they didn't lose their leaves until a couple of weeks ago. Those that fell outside the walls have mostly blown away, but those in the back garden were forming deep piles. So I set to clearing the patio and borders.

It was clear that it would take quite a few hours to do the job properly and I wasn't about to wear myself out entirely because I knew that if I did, Pauline would do too much as well. So I gave it a good hour and nearly filled the brown bin.

After lunch I got Pauline settled and then got back to the stamp collection. I spent a good two hours and that was almost a full album done. There's more rain on the way so that will provide a few more hours in the days ahead.

I had wanted to get back to my meandering, especially in Yorkshire but with what is happening in York and Leeds and some of the villages as well, I thought I would let the flood waters fall and people get over the shock of being forced out of their homes because we are enduring record rainfall.

Normal service will be resumed - just not yet.

It was daffodils yesterday. In our garden there are wallflowers in bloom, primroses, several bu7lbs sprouting through, and alders dangling catkins, far too soon.

Male alder catkins - a bit too soon


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