Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Aubourn Hall Gardens - Lincolnshire

Just east of Lincoln is the village of Aubourn. Situated at LN5 9DZ is Aubourn Hall. It is very unlikely that you will get into the house unless invited, but you can explore the three acres of gardens on specific days, mainly in July and September.

There was a Tudor house built on the site, but in 1587 a man called Sir John Meres bought the land and built a new house where the old had stood. The house wasn't completed until 1628 and drained Sir John of his wealth.

There was a family named Nevile who had been in the village (legal owners of the village back in those days) since at least 1328. When the hall became available they bought it, and the family descendants still own it and live there.

Though not large, the gardens are particularly attractive at certain times of the year. The family began the practice of sharing the gardens with visitors from time to time. Nowadays they have stretched further and often cater for weddings and the subsequent parties.

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