Thursday, 29 December 2016

Blakeney - Norfolk

Today, Blakeney is a peaceful place to visit. Time was when you wouldn't leave a ship loaded with cargo anywhere near.

People have lived in the area since well before the Domesday Book. It was a sheltered inlet from the North Sea and where the River Glaven met the sea they built a port. It thrived for several hundred years, but slowly the inlet silted up and other local ports succumbed.

Today it is still a small port, but only for even smaller boats.

The area around Blakeney is quite flat, suitable for walks of all manner of kinds. As the land silted up it became an area of outstanding natural beauty and was taken over as a nature reserve by the National Trust.

As you enter the town you are met by flint and pebble houses. Then the small harbour looking out onto the salt marshes. Explore these at leisure and you will find rare plants and a variety of sea birds. Pick the right time of year and local boating trips will take in the seal colony which has been nursed by the NT and which now supports around 2,000 pups a year. Only a decade ago it would have been less than 100.


Salt marshes

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