Thursday, 22 December 2016

Chillington Hall - Staffordshire

The family that lives at Chillington Hall, near Brewood (pronounced brood) in Staffordshire is the 29th generation of the Giffard Family that first moved onto the estate at least 800 years ago.

Chillington was mentioned in the Domesday Book and was a stone castle at the time of the Norman Conquest. Even that was thought to have been built on the site of an even earlier house.

When the Giffard Family took possession they dismantled the castle (all but a little which is even now incorporated into the present building) and built a Tudor Style building. This seemed adequate enough until 1723 when it was decided to start again. The old house was razed and a new one began in 1724. Some time later Capability Brown was brought in to design the gardens, and in 1785 further changes to the house were made, resulting in today's Georgian style grandeur.

Many of Britain's old established families lost their homes and possessions to Death Duties and the like, but the Giffards had more about them. They not only clung to what they'd got, they moved with the times and opened the house and grounds up to all manner of activities, particularly weddings.

The hall can be hired, weddings can be conducted, and visiting is mainly between the middle of April to the middle of August. We will be going back mid 2017.

Chillington Hall WV8 1RE

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