Saturday, 17 December 2016

Diary - Friday 16th December 2016

This was a day of two halves. The morning was pleasant but the afternoon somewhat frustrating.

Pauline came with me when I took the recordings to the Sorting Office, then we went into town. First stop was the solicitors to sign our new wills, then to the banks with 3 cheques for the Talking News and one for us. Next we bought new lights for the outside of our house, very Christmassy, bought a birthday present for Roan and did some shopping for Rita.

That was the morning. Then the gas man came for the fourth time and stayed all afternoon. He did finally fix our heating, but he was working in the garage, the airing cupboard and the loft, and using our step ladders. So he was everywhere I needed to be, plus I couldn't hang the new lights.

I went over to Tamworth and bought a new wifi microphone to go with the PA system, so that ate an hour. Then I cooked, which is my wont on a Friday. Pauline had left some salmon fillets out, so I took the hint. I made a marinade with onion, garlic, Soy sauce and honey. Baked for 15 minutes in a foil envelope, they were as good as I had hoped.

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