Saturday, 31 December 2016

Diary - Friday 30th December 2016

It felt strange not being at the Talking News on a Thursday and I almost automatically went down to the Sorting Office first thing, except there was no TN to deliver. I did, however, post a media player to a listener in South Wales and then topped the car up with perol.

We waited for the day to warm up and the fog to clear. It had been well below freezing overnight but crept up to 3 by the time we left. The fog around us had lifted but once on the road it became clear that fog would be with us the whole journey. This made the trip down to Woking somewhat longer than normal, but I simply kept 100 metres between me and the car in front and we were with Robert, Sheri, Daisy and Harper by mid afternoon. Some of the journey on the M25 was so slow we were in electric mode.

We had a lovely, relaxed evening and after the kids had gone to bed we watched The 100 Yard Journey, and this was charming and feel good and fitting for the mood and the time of year.

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