Saturday, 10 December 2016

Diary - Friday 9th December 2016

There's not a lot to say about today. We drove for four and a half hours, and it would have been five hours if we hadn't taken the Toll Road.

Pauline got the packing done and I took the recordings to the Sorting Office - five sacks. Wiltshire Farm Food arrived and we took a week's supply around to Rita. Then we got on the road down to Hove Actually. This time I got the awkward half. The M25 was so bad and slow that we did it on electric power, so at least it was cost saving.

Reece had been ill overnight, but was starting to pick up by the time we got there. Dan got home about 7pm, we had a lovely meal and a chill out hour or so afterwards, and then a reasonably early night.

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