Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Diary - Monday 12th December 2016

I watched a finger thick slash of daylight start to lighten the horizon east of Brighton. That was before the rain came.

Dan and Gary were preparing themselves for work. Dan off to Godalming and Gary to tend to the gardens of one of his clients. The boys readied themselves for school and Pauline packed. I loaded everything and everyone into the car and had the boys at school by 8.50am.

The journey up to High Wycombe was difficult. It was OK until we hit the M25, but then I was running on electric because we rarely bettered 10 miles an hour. We got to Helen and Dave just after 11am.

Helen and Pauline went shopping, Dave busied himself in the garage and I did some computer work, stopping for a great omelette made by Dave.

The girls came home from school. Megan had a part in a production at church this evening, but Jessica didn't have a ticket. We all went down into Wycombe for a lovely pizza, we took Jess back home whilst the others went to the show, and we shared the driving back, getting to Lichfield at 9.10pm, after finding some unpleasant driving conditions along the way.

Can you spot the I-360?

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