Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Diary - Monday 5th December 2016

Thick ice on the car, white lawns. A good morning to stay in bed.

Unfortunately that was not an option. I removed the ice and set off north for Stoke on Trent. Leaving at 8.30am meant that there was still rush hour traffic around Lichfield but by the time I got to Trentham the Stoke rush had vanished.

I met up with John Morgan and Lisa from the University Hospital North Midlands. Changes in roles has left Lisa a bit isolated until Haley comes back from maternity leave in 4 months time, and I thought it is having an impact. She looked drawn and tired, but as our hour with her progressed and John shared his huge bank of knowledge I could see a change, and she was definitely more lively and good humoured by the time we left.

I took it easy coming back to Lichfield, driving on electric power where I could and got back home still with fuel to spare. First call, however, was Caterina at Beacon Park Village. I sorted out her problem with Penfriend and then we chatted about the village. To me this has been the benchmark by which to judge all retirement homes, but she tells me the village (which is not cheap to live in) has been running at a loss and austerity measures are looming.

Pauline had taken Rita to 1709 to join the ladies from the Knitting Club for their Christmas lunch. She came back well satisfied with the quality and variety of food on offer.

I went into town and paid in the cheque from Jean, plus there was another £100 delivered by Peter Fox, so the TN account is quite healthy at the moment. I'll soon change that! I filled the car for the weekend, bought some wine to take with us, and then settled to a bit more paperwork.

It was too cold to gather more leaves.

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