Sunday, 18 December 2016

Diary - Saturday 17th December 2016

For us it was the crack of dawn (ie, daylight). We got up and Pauline went off to do a food shop. Yesterday the traffic had been so bad she couldn't get to the shops. Today she sailed there and back and I hadn't completed the hoovering before she was back.


We got the house in order, knowing it wouldn't last very long, but it makes Pauline feel good.


Next we put the outside Christmas lights up. We ran out of gutter clips so used clothes pegs instead. I thought that was a noble solution but Pauline sent me off to buy new ones. I searched all of Lichfield, to be told there hasn't been any for weeks. So the pegs are still there.


Dan, Gary, Reece and Roan arrived, along with Jackson the labrador, and the house was back to how it was before Pauline cleaned up. We had a pleasant afternoon. Dan and Gary were collected by Debbie and Barry and they all went off to the Old School House for a school reunion.


The boys were good, as was Jackson, and we followed them to bed only fifteen minutes after the last bout of chatter.

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