Sunday, 25 December 2016

Diary - Saturday 24th December 2016

Today was mostly about getting ready, and also giving Christmas something of a kick start.

It had, at first, looked as though this was going to be the strangest Christmas since Pauline and I met, but somehow it is coming together.

When our children all found partners in life, it was only fair that if they all came to us one year, then they should go to the partner's family the next. On the years when they were away, we either went to stay with Gerard and Margaret for Christmas or one of the kids sneaked us in as outsiders.

Much has changed this year, It is an away year, but Dan & Gary are hosting the Brighton Christmas and there is no room for us. Robert and Sheri are hosting the Woking Christmas, and there is no room for us. Helen and Dave have the reality of Dave's Mom being really unwell and so we expected their attention to be in Wiltshire. Gerard and Margaret are new grandparents and so are naturally going to Louise and Neil for Christmas.

So it was just going to be us, for the first time.

Then it was agreed that the Whitehouse family would come to us today, and also Helen and Dave said they would go to see Ann Christmas morning but would come on up to Lichfield late afternoon.

So all is well..

I collected Rita at mid day, Gerard, Margaret, Louise, Neil, Emma and Amy, plus gorgeous baby Molly, came for the afternoon and it was all very pleasant and an early swop of presents.

Tonight we went to Midnight Mass (at 7.15pm!!) and had our first Christmas Eve with no stockings hanging on the bannister.

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