Monday, 19 December 2016

Diary - Sunday 18th December 2016

Well, I didn't win many Brownie points today.

I'd had a bad night with a chest infection, waking at 11, 1, 3, 5 and finally getting up at 7am to let the dog out and the boys run rampant. Dan and Gary were a bit bleary eyed (it had been a monstrous party) but they did go to Aldi and bought the store.

Dan fetched Rita round for the day and then I set off, whilst they all settled to a Sunday roast.

I'd committed to help at the Barton Lions Christmas Party before we knew the Hove Actually crew were coming, so I couldn't pull out. I checked in at the Village Hall to make sure the sound system was operating, then went and collected three Barton senior citizens. The one couple hadn't left their house for months.

Dave Pomroy had organised a great afternoon and 57 elderly were ferried there by a troop of helpers. There were 5 of us from Lichfield. The food was excellent, there was one of us to each table, and the Barton choir came to offer an hour's entertainment.

Back home, Rita was still there but everyone else had gone. It was a long trip back and took about four and a half hours.

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