Monday, 5 December 2016

Diary - Sunday 4th December 2016

I slept for ten hours. I usually get seven if I am tired or six if I am relaxed. I felt quite a bit better.

We had breakfast and then I pulled out the paperwork that I felt was the most urgent. There was too much of it. Ten new listeners last week had impacted, and the position is not getting easier. This means that you can't complete projects to everyone's satisfaction because you keep moving from one pressure to another, without the time to finish anything completely.

Like the leaves on the lawn.

I worked all morning and got quite a bit done. I was focussed. Rita came for her Sunday roast, after which I spent another hour and a half getting up leaves. One more session tomorrow should finish the job.

Once I'd taken Rita home I settled down to just reading. This is going to be a heavy month, so if what was wrong with me was exhaustion, I've got to see that doesn't catch me again.

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