Friday, 16 December 2016

Diary - Thursday 15th December 2016

This has been a quieter week than of late with regard to new listeners, but there were still three media players to wrap for posting. First, however, I recorded the Stevenage Talking News. I started earlier than usual, which was fortuitous.

Lisa came to see to everyone's hair - our once-monthly treatment - and I fetched Rita over and she stayed until late afternoon.

The gas man came, which meant that most plans went out the window. I did the Live at Home run and then went to the studio and ran off all the USB sticks for Wales, Scotland and Stevenage.

Back home the gas man said he would have to start from a different direction and would be back tomorrow afternoon! Thankfully it is ridiculously mild outside.

I was at the studio for 6.30pm. There was no Keith tonight but Peter came in early, with a cheque for £250 from the Rotary. We had four readers and Ben did the Lichfield returns whilst I handled the recording. The Lichfield Mercury gets slimmer every week and we were finished, packed and home by 9pm.

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