Friday, 23 December 2016

Diary - Thursday 22nd December 2016

On the one hand I woke at 5am because my wheezing was so loud. On the other I had only woken three times in the night and I suddenly felt that my airways were clearing.

This was going to be an easier Thursday than usual because there will be no Live at Home Scheme for three weeks. Pauline had her jobs to do, especially flower arranging in church, and I got on with recording the Stevenage Talking News. That took the morning.

Pauline got back, we had a toasted cheese sandwich for lunch and then I was off to the studio to finish off last night's recordings and to run off the necessary copies for Wales, Scotland and Stevenage. I picked up the Lichfield Mercury on the way home and then managed an hour off.

I got to the studio at 6.30pm. Keith joined me ten minutes later and we did all the packing. Ben arrived, Jan's team were replete with funny hats and Christmas crackers. Peter came early but then had to leave to collect his daughter.

As the evening progressed I felt that my progress was reversing and by the time Keith and I had duplicated and packed the Lichfield TN I was really ready for bed.

I was home by 9pm and in bed and asleep five minutes later.

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