Friday, 30 December 2016

Diary - Thursday 29th December 2016

Finally my cold is on the wane. It's taken long enough.

We both had gifts from Christmas that needed to be exchanged. I got the same jumper twice. So we went over to Ventura fairly early. That was a good move because on the way back we could see the traffic building up to get into the shopping complex.

I changed my jumper - for a new pair of jeans, but Pauline couldn't find what she was looking for. She needs Helen or Gill with her, not a man. We also shopped for a new bed, but couldn't make a decision.

This afternoon Pauline went and did a week's food shopping for Rita and I did some work for the SNA and the Talking News. It's quiet at the moment but I know that 2017 will be busier than 2016, so I've really got to make some changes.  One of the differences will be that some of the TN work will be left for a Thursday and Peter Fox and I will stay over at the end of the recording sessions to clear new listeners, pack media players, raise records etc.

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