Friday, 9 December 2016

Diary - Thursday 8th December 2016

A somewhat different Thursday to most.

Pauline went off to meet with Louise, Margaret and baby Mollie. They spent a few hours shopping in Solihull. It must have been a good day because it was gone 5pm when she got back home.

As Pauline left to drive south, I went to the studio and ran off what had been recorded last night. This was back to front to usual, but the Gas Man Cometh. Back home I recorded the Stevenage Talking News, and that was the morning gone.

I started a loaf of bread off, scratched some lunch, and John Cassie came so that we could sort out the accounts from Charter Night. We were £119 in the black, which is all that matters. Because I couldn't leave the house I couldn't do the Live at Home run, or get the papers. John bought the Mercury for me and I was cutting it up when the Gas Man came.

I explained the problem and he said it was a new one on him. Of course, the boiler was working when he came, but just as he looked at it and was about to say that there was nothing wrong, it stopped dead, turned red and gave a fault code he'd not seen before.

Nevertheless, he had it all fixed and purring in just an hour.

Problems caused by a lorry hitting a railway bridge meant Peter Fox couldn't get to the Talking News tonight, but we had plenty of readers, Keith to handle the recording, Ben to sort Lichfield, and we were finished and everything was in the sacks by 8.30pm.

In the old days (when there was news in the Mercury and the machines were less friendly) we were lucky to finish by midnight.

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