Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Diary - Tuesday 13th December 2016

It's a good job that the bitter weather of a week or so ago has gone, because the heating failed again today. Last time it was 48 hours before they came to fix it. This time it will be 36 hours.

We do have a gas fire in the lounge and we were quite busy for most of the day, so we didn't get cold.

My conscience is really bothering me. People like the Staffordshire Neurological Alliance are looking at me for work on the website and such, and I keep running out of time. This morning I downloaded news for Scotland and Wales, because there wouldn't be enough time for a full download tomorrow, and it took me all afternoon to do the books for the Talking News. I hadn't realised just how active and successful we've been on funding, but we have realised £27,000 and spent £21,500 so far this year, on 60 purchases. That's a lot of invoices to find in dark corners of my filing system.

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