Thursday, 15 December 2016

Diary - Wednesday 14th December 2016

Today was more full on than was really welcome.


It started with the acknowledgment that I am officially three quarters of  century old. My brother asked how it felt to be closer to 100 than to 50. Maths was never his strong suit. I pointed out that until tomorrow I am equidistant.


With the heating gone again I turned on the heater in the garage and then fetched five sacks of returns. Sue Wale again came to help, which freed me for other tasks. Pauline decorated the Christmas Tree and I got the outside lights out, but we decided they would have to go.


The Gas man came (again) and changed the pump on our water system. After two hours it was working to his satisfaction. Two hours after he left us it died again. Let's try again tomorrow.


I downloaded the rest of the news and all of the magazines, then tackled the leaves in the back garden. Pauline asked if I wanted to go out for a meal for my birthday but I said maybe not as I had to take the downloads to the studio. When I got there Peter had a problem at work, so I sat in with Jayne and Oliver and we recorded the Welsh and Scottish news.

I was home by 8.30pm.

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