Thursday, 22 December 2016

Diary - Wednesday 21st December 2016

I got up at 11.30pm and went downstairs so that my coughing wouldn't disturb Pauline. When I went back to bed at 3.30am, she got up and went downstairs so that her coughing wouldn't disturb me. We're very considerate to one another.

Half way through the morning I reached a tipping point with my cold. I suddenly moved from constant to occasional use of tissues. My head still throbbed and my eyes were like looking through camouflage netting, but that was all an improvement.

Pauline had an appointment at the doctors for an injection and had told me to stay in bed today. On a Wednesday?

So I let her disappear and then went down to the Sorting Office and collected more returns than normal. People want their Christmas entertainment. I set everything up in the garage and then, when she returned, we slogged away and processed everything. That took until 1.30pm.

This afternoon I processed five new listeners and packaged four new media players. I unwrapped 100 new memory sticks that had been configured to work with our players, and that was the afternoon gone. I took everything to the studio just before 7pm and was happy that Peter had a full team of readers. I bought Christmas wine on the way home and it was 8pm before I could relax for the first time today.

I don't write about everything I do in the course of a day (like fixing the cupboard door in the kitchen) and someone asked how, if I am always so strapped for time, do I manage to write Meanderings? The answer is that I consider my journal important to me and I take every spare opportunity to scratch it all down. Such as sitting in a waiting room or waiting for sleep to come.

That's the beauty of an I-pad.

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