Thursday, 29 December 2016

Diary - Wednesday 28th December 2016

The day started badly. This is not common.

I had hoped that my cold would be a memory by now but when I woke I felt worse that it looked outside. Thick fog and poor visibility. Of course, we don't get the pea-soupers of my youth, when you could walk into a wall because you couldn't see that far ahead, but maybe it's worse like this because the fogs are rarer now and so accidents, when they do happen, tend to be more serious - as was the case today.

I went for a walk in search of cough linctus. In our little park the birds were singing. I met neighbours and acquaintances and felt better in my head when I got back.

Pauline thought we should be sociable, as my cough was beginning to recede, so we went over to Alrewas for an afternoon of Gill and Paul. This was lovely and friendly. They had guests who arrived to stay for a couple of days, but we didn't run off too quickly.

Somehow, in 2017 we've got to find more time for friends, family - and us.

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