Thursday, 1 December 2016

Diary - Wednesday 30th November 2016

This was quite a day. It started very cold, which brought a ton of leaves off the three big trees. That rattled my conscience. I did some urgent paperwork and asked Virgin for a new SIM card for Pauline's phone.

Next is was the Sorting Office for all the returns. The heater is working well in the garage and so Pauline and I spent the rest of the morning processing the returns. Then I processed nine new listeners.

Pauline went to take Rita food shopping whilst I tackled my conscience. They say a Black Friday purchase is not a bargain if it's something you don't really need. I'd bought a leaf vacuum, and I really did need it.

I spent an hour and a half filling everything I could find to store the leaves and still couldn't get to the final third. That will be for Friday or Saturday, when there will be even more leaves.

I downloaded all the Scottish and Welsh news, took it to the studio and was happy to see Peter there with a team, and the hope that all would go right this week because the last two weeks have been hairy. The irony is that if I knew in advance that it would be needed from me, I could record Wales on Wednesday night, but we don't usually find the problems until Thursday.

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