Friday, 16 December 2016

Gloucester Cathedral - Gloucestershire

Gloucester Cathedral can be found at GL1 2LX in the city of Gloucester, which is in Gloucestershire (pronounced Glostersher).

Everything began back in 678 when an Abbey dedicated to St Peter was commissioned. This had a fairly uneventful life for around 900 years, until Henry VIII came up with the idea of the dissolution of the Monasteries.

As soon as the dust had settled a new cathedral rose from the rubble. It started with both Early English and Norman influence, but over the years there were further changes and additions and the Perpendicular and Decorated Gothic styles also feature in what we see to day.

The cathedral is well worth a lengthy visit. There is a shrine to King Edward II and memorials to many other almost household names. There is the high ceiling, the cloisters and then some weirdly bare areas, all of which lend to the atmosphere of this quite beautiful building.

Gloucester Cathedral


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