Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lizard Point - Cornwall

You can't go further south in England than Lizard Point. If you do, you get very wet.

It isn't really an eye-watering sight when you get there, though for some reason you feel that you have accomplished something, if only through having navigated down some quite narrow one track lanes.

On a good day you get there and feel a sense of achievement. You are never alone. There will always be another 100 souls who are gazing in wonder at the edge of the world.

The National Trust maintains the area and has a permanent presence on the site, though not the solid, brick built buildings that they manage elsewhere across Britain.

It is worth the detour. The scenery can be stunning in the right light, the Lizard Lighthouse is an attraction to many, and if you explore a little you will find rocks sculptured by the sea and the wind. Enough the make the trip worthwhile.

Lizard Point

TR12 7NT

Lizard Lighthhouse

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