Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Lustleigh - Devon

This is not a tourist attraction, but if you are into countryside walks or areas of natural beauty, Lustleigh is a great place to start. Although not always known as Lustleigh, there have been people living in the area for more that 2000 years, as attested to by the stone hut circles.

The Datuidoc's Stone is dated around 600AD. The Domesday Book records the village as being called Sutrewode, and recognised it for its bee-keeping.

The village is home to no more than 700 people. Much of the village is quite picturesque with thatched cottages, with Three Pound Cottage being one of the most photographed.

If you use the village as a base, you can stretch out in a number of directions and find nature and beauty. Lustleigh Cleave is woodland and small cliffs. The Pullabrook Woods are  close by, but within easy reach of the determined walker is the East Dartmoor Woods & Heath National Park, the Hound Tor deserted Medieval village, and the East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve.


Three Pound Cottage

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